Su Embroidery: The Art of Silk

Su embroidery (su xiu) is the most celebrated of the four main styles of Chinese silk embroidery, hailing from Suzhou and surrounding towns of Jiangsu province. Renowned for its subtle and refined needlework, Su embroidery is praised for its use of the finest threads, balanced compositions, dense stitching and smooth finish.


Su embroidery originated in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. In Three Kingdoms era (220-280 A.D.), Su embroidery has been used as a decoration for clothing. It gradually moved into people’s life. During the Song Dynasty (960-1697 A.D.), Su embroidery had reached a high level.

With increasing contact to the West and their artistic styles, Su embroidery adopted many of their portraiture and oil painting techniques. Today, it is not uncommon to see Suzhou embroidery of impressionist paintings, lifelike portraits or contemporary oriental art.

Production Process

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