Hanbok: The Hottest Korean Fashion Trend

The hanbok is the traditional Korean clothes. The term “Hanbok” literally means “Korean clothing”. It was established as a part of the unique living culture of Korea, influenced by the geographical and climatic nature of the Korea, and handed down throughout the years to present times.


Hanbok can be traced back to the Three Kingdoms of Korea period (1th century BC ~ 7th century AD), with roots in the peoples of what is now northern Korea and Manchuria. Early forms of Hanbok can be seen in the art of Goguryeo tomb murals in the same period.

In the modern days, hanboks are much more stylish and are adorned with many different patterns but back in the day, these patterns held significant symbolism. Most patterns are nature patterns such as lotus flowers for nobility, peonies that are embroidered on a bridal gown symbolize honor and wealth. For royalty and other high-ranking officials, we usually see this in historical k-dramas wherein their red hanboks are adorned with patterns of dragons, phoenixes, cranes, and tigers.

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